We developed a podcast to support our mission of educating and enhancing men’s lives.

Join experts Josh Simms, Aaron Tharp, & their guests as they discuss topics that affect men as they age including hormone imbalance and deficiency, erectile dysfunction, weight loss/fitness, relationships, & more.


Aaron Tharp


My life is a never-ending, lifelong quest to optimize my brain & my body. I believe in the concept of self-reliance – the ability to create and live a life on my own terms, something I feel is incumbent upon every man. Since birth, I’ve always been highly skilled interpersonally so it’s fair to say that my emotional IQ is quite high. I am fascinated with people and what makes them “tick”. Much of my personal & professional success is a direct result of my knowing how to effectively manage relationships with people of nearly all walks of life.

Growing up, I was instilled with traditional & conservative values from my loving parents. As I’ve grown into my own man and have come to understand the world around me, I see just how rare & valuable those values are. Family values are the core of who I am today and that’s something I’m very proud of and thankful for. Trust & loyalty carry the highest rankings in my life, which is why I make absolutely zero time for ambiguity, disloyal, or dishonest people. All of life is about our relationships – both with ourselves and with others. I value quality over quantity and firmly believe that the people that we let into and out of our lives, really does matter. My personal views are premised on the idea that I don’t see things as better or worse than they are, but as they are.

My hobbies and interests include Health, Fitness, Music, Psychology, Cooking, Style / Grooming, Sociology, True Crime, Self-Help, etc. I received a bachelor’s in family & consumer sciences at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Since then, I have pursued careers in business and a side passion for podcasting.

If you’re lucky enough to get a platform from which to be heard, it should be used to spread good, and at times, the difficult cold and hard truth. Men’s Issues are my true passion and purpose in life. Bringing awareness and understanding to men’s issues is something I feel called to do. Podcasting is a great way to share an unfiltered message with a like-minded tribe of your own. Now, perhaps more than ever before – men need tribe.

In terms of my fascination with the platform, it would be more accurate to say that I have a love for finding the truth, and that podcasting is just a means to share that truth. A few years ago, I went looking for a community that was centered in Men’s Issues. Frustrated with the lack of resources available to men, I created a YouTube channel & podcast to offer exactly that – a community for men. My 3 focus areas are:
• Masculinity
• Health (Physical/Mental)
• Relationships

Despite my long & various efforts to stay physically healthy & mentally sharp, I noticed that my overall quality of life had slowly diminished over the last few years. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I happened to hear a podcast where an injury retired athlete was debunking all the myths & folklore about testosterone & the male endocrine system – it went against everything I knew. After my brother visited the Limitless Male Medical Clinic in Lincoln, I laid down my pride and began optimizing my own endocrine system. Not once, have I ever looked back or regretted it – in truth, I’ve never felt better!

From there, we realized the opportunity to create a platform around the topics affecting men. Men Explained is a community focused exclusively on Men’s Issues. As men, we’re looked to and are expected to have all the answers or have it figured out. Whether it’s how to navigate a successful life, our health, our relationships, careers, finances, etc. – we’re expected to “just get it.” The truth is that far too many men don’t – and any admission of that fact is unfairly seen as weakness. Rather than ask for help – men choose to suffer in silence. So, although mainstream media wouldn’t have you know, the sad reality is …

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Thoreau, Henry David – Walden. Ticknor and Fields, 1854.

I intend to bring support, resources, answers & awareness to the difficult questions that men contend with on this podcast. It is my core belief that men need a safe, tolerant & non-judgemental space to deal with their issues so that they can in turn serve, protect & provide for those who look to rely on them. Simple observation shows us all that there are a massive number of support groups, shelters, acceptance, resources, funding, etc. for women, and there should be – those are extremely important and those efforts should continue. However, that’s all we’ve ever known.

Our society is really good at reducing the need & urgency for the awareness of Men’s Issues. Men Explained is designed to offer an accepting community for men who want to be at their best. It is my hope that through this podcast we create a community that men want to be part of. A place to lean in, learn & laugh so that men lead in the elimination of the growing divides we have as a society and work to build a stronger brotherhood with each other.

Josh Simms

PA-C & Co-Host

I’m Josh, a physician assistant (PA) and educated healthcare professional who has been working as a provider at Limitless Male Medical Clinic since 2018. Wanting to reach a greater audience to spread the education of important men’s health issues, I recently began contributing to writing some of the Limitless Male blog posts on common questions in healthcare and how it affects our everyday lives.

Starting and growing this podcast is important to me because it allows us to be part of a platform that men can turn to and find inspiration, education, answers, and brotherhood. I believe that if men have healthy outlets, healthy conversation, and healthy relationships, then society wins in a big way. I am hoping we can grow this podcast into something that men can grow with and improve their lives.

My background in health & wellness started in 2006 when I began working as a personal trainer. I have always had a passion and curiosity about the human body and how it functions. Personal training allowed me to work with clients and put that passion into motion. I was fortunate enough to train multiple physicians and pick their brains about medicine and their careers. This was the catalyst that drove me to get into medicine. While in undergrad, I earned my EMT license and worked for an ambulance service, allowing me to work closely with other healthcare providers. It was during that time I decided to pursue the career of PA. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience with minors in chemistry and psychology. After that, I attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where I completed my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies.

Aside from my education, I enjoy playing guitar, writing music, golfing, smoking meat and barbecuing, drinking whiskey or craft beers, and reading. In my free time, I spend moments with my wife and three children as a family.