Josh Simms

PA-C & Co-Host

I’m Josh, a physician assistant (PA) and educated healthcare professional who has been working as a provider at Limitless Male Medical Clinic since 2018. Wanting to reach a greater audience to spread the education of important men’s health issues, I recently began contributing to writing some of the Limitless Male blog posts on common questions in healthcare and how it affects our everyday lives.

Starting and growing this podcast is important to me because it allows us to be part of a platform that men can turn to and find inspiration, education, answers, and brotherhood. I believe that if men have healthy outlets, healthy conversation, and healthy relationships, then society wins in a big way. I am hoping we can grow this podcast into something that men can grow with and improve their lives.

My background in health & wellness started in 2006 when I began working as a personal trainer. I have always had a passion and curiosity about the human body and how it functions. Personal training allowed me to work with clients and put that passion into motion. I was fortunate enough to train multiple physicians and pick their brains about medicine and their careers. This was the catalyst that drove me to get into medicine. While in undergrad, I earned my EMT license and worked for an ambulance service, allowing me to work closely with other healthcare providers. It was during that time I decided to pursue the career of PA. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience with minors in chemistry and psychology. After that, I attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where I completed my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies.

Aside from my education, I enjoy playing guitar, writing music, golfing, smoking meat and barbecuing, drinking whiskey or craft beers, and reading. In my free time, I spend moments with my wife and three children as a family.