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  • Podcast #16
    Josh and Aaron are back to discuss self-reliance and what that means as a man in today's world. Join them as they talk about independence, responsibility, and the importance of self-reliance.
  • Podcast #15
    Prostate Cancer
    Dr. Steve Lapke, Medical Director at Limitless Male Medical clinic, makes a reappearance to discuss the major factors of Prostate Cancer that men face daily.
  • Podcast #14
    Fertility with Dr. Amy Pearlman
    Dr. Pearlman returns as a guest to dig deep into the major complications of fertility and how testosterone plays an important role in men's health.
  • Podcast #13
    Dating On & Off-line with Mary Claire Schibelka
    Aaron sits down with Licensed Professional Counselor, Mary Claire Schibelka, to discuss dating and relationships in an era with dating apps and social media.
  • Podcast #12
    Preventative Medicine with Dr. Steven Lapke
    Dr. Steven Lapke, a medical director for Limitless Male, discusses the significance of staying healthy and taking advantage of preventative care instead of letting symptoms get worse and risk them becoming a permanent part of your life.
  • Podcast #11
    High-Performance Syndrome
    Our host Aaron has had some struggles with setting unattainable expectations due to being a high-performance guy and he felt it was the perfect opportunity to have this raw conversation with Josh and all our listeners.
  • Podcast #10
    Josh and Aaron discuss the differences of growing up with a father being present in the household. Josh will cover the struggles he has had with his confidence in being a great father figure and role model for his children due to the absence of his father.
  • Podcast #9
    Diet, GMOs, and More
    Aaron and Josh dive into diet trends and how impactful they can be. The podcasters talk about how diet trends are constantly changing as time goes on. They also go over how GMOs influence the market for food and much more.
  • Podcast #8
    Coaching with Ciarán Halligan Part 2
    In a two part series we welcome back, Life Coach Expert Ciarán Halligan. In this episode, Aaron and Ciarán talk about the many different levels of fear that people stress out about.
  • Podcast #7
    Coaching with Ciarán Halligan
    As we all know life isn't always the easiest. Aaron sits down with professional coaching expert, Ciarán Halligan, and dives into how to stay disciplined when life decides to throw you a curveball.
  • Podcast #6
    Firearms with Brian Hayes
    Owner of Big Red Gun and firearm safety instructor, Brian Hayes, breaks down the importance of gun training, reviewing guns and gear, receiving instructor certification, and working with National Firearms Act regulated weapons.
  • Podcast #5
    Cerakreations with Ryan Fujan
    Ryan Fujan, owner and operator of Cerakreations, LLC a Cerakote Coatings and Laser Engraving company in Fremont, NE, sits down with us to discuss Cerakoting firearms, laser etching customizations, and the effect this process has on the gun industry.
  • Podcast #4
    Tribe & Community
    Centered around Tribe and a community for men - what is considered 'Tribe', the importance of building your Tribe mentality and having a tribe of your own, how you gain and maintain a strong community with others, and creating growth for each other.
  • Podcast #3
    Urology with Dr. Amy Pearlman
    Guest star Dr. Amy Pearlman, a reconstructive urologist and men's health specialist in Iowa City, Iowa. Specializing in treating quality of life concerns affecting everyday men, including restoration of sexual health, urinary control, & treatment of men.
  • Podcast #2
    Mental Health & Masculinity
    Josh and Aaron discuss the importance of mental health for men and the ways to help be there for one another.
  • Podcast #1
    The Truth about Testosterone
    Josh and Aaron talk about their professional and patient experiences with testosterone, dissect important medical terminology, and how hormones work in the body.